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Google Fundamental Exam Question

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Hi All,


Doing my Google Fundamental exam and need some help on this question as I am not sure which one is wright. Not sure which one is wright As i haven't worked on display that much.


  1. Your campaign is opted to show ads on the GDN, and your ads have a lower CTR than your existing search ads. How will this impact the quality score of your search campaign?
  • Your quality score will be adjusted to reflect the average CTR of both your search and display network campaign performance.
  • Your ad performance on the display network does not affect your rank for search ads, so a lower CTR on the display network doesn’t affect the quality score of your ads for search.
  • Your daily budget will be adjusted to account for a drop in CTR, and an increase in the CPCs needed to maintain the existing  ad rank of your search campaign.
  • None of these options are correct.


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Mr .V



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Re: Google Fundamental Exam Question

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As mentioned in my other post, we have a policy of not answering exam questions on the Community so please don't ask (or reply if you know the answer!).



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