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Google Adwords Planner Doesn't Accept Keywords Containing a Comma

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The Google Adwords Planner doesn't accept keywords containing a comma. Because the Planner tool separates keywords you enter by comma, the tool will not accept valid keywords that contain a comma. For example: SEO Tampa, FL


I've even tried putting the keyword in quotes and tried brackets. In all tries the Google Adwords Planner breaks "seo tampa, fl" into two keywords "seo tampa" and "fl". See pictures below.



screen shot - Google AdWords- Keyword Planner 2014-11-25 10-41-35.png


screen shot - Google AdWords- Keyword Planner 2014-11-25 10-43-17.png

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Re: Google Adwords Planner Doesn't Accept Keywords Containing a Comma

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In general, AdWords doesn't allow using comma in keywords, you'll see an error message if you add keywords including commas in your campaign. Thus the keyword planner doesn't support comma either.

The keyword planner is a tool which provides keyword ideas and traffic estimates MAINLY for PAID search campaigns.

Re: Google Adwords Planner Doesn't Accept Keywords Containing a Comma

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Hey Sean,

To Ahmed's point, AdWords doesn't allow using commas in keywords because it doesn't recognize most punctuation (plus signs are an exception but still are not recognized as a mathematical symbol but rather a modifier). That said, if you wanted to bid on the term "SEO Tampa, FL" you would actually write it as "SEO Tampa FL" and Google will match it to the appropriate query. You can run estimates by formatting terms in the same fashion.

I hope this helps!


Re: Google Adwords Planner Doesn't Accept Keywords Containing a Comma

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Hi Sean,

Agree with Ahmed and Amy here.

You cannot use punctuation marks in your keywords, which is why Keyword planner too will not accept them and will treat keywords with commas in between as 2 different keywords altogether.

If you still need some convincing, try searching for a service in Tampa, Fl by entering the keyword " {service of your choice} in tampa, fl" in the Google search bar. As soon as you hit enter, all the commas and punctuation's from your keyword will be deleted and your query in the search input box will change to " {service of your choice} in tampa fl".

This is basically to convince you of taking up Amy's suggestions and targeting "tampa, fl" as "tampa fl" in your AdWords account. I have done the same in multiple accounts and the keywords have worked just fine for me. You can use Phrase or BMM matchtypes with such keywords to ensure your ads are triggered for relevant queries.

You can use "tampa" in phrase to ensure queries like "tampa fl" trigger your ads or you can use '+tampa fl' in BMM ( if you are targeting whole of Florida) to ensure only tampa related queries trigger your ads here.

Hope this makes sense.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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