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Google AdWords business - Software training center needs help

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Hi All,


Let's help Aaron get started with AdWords. 


Aaron: I'm a comupter software training center and would like to get more students for my latest weekend classes. How can AdWords help me get more publicity and ultimately more students? 



Aaron, new to AdWords. 

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September 2015

Re: Google AdWords business - Software training center needs help

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Hello Aaron,


First, Welcome aboard! A small step for mankind, a big step for success.


From what i get the picture your'e offering Saas, so for that the best practices would probably include something like:


    •  Keywords that tackle the problem that your software training helps, like "Train employees" etc.


    •  Make sure your ads are very specific in telling your punchline very clear, like: "Learn software in 30 days".


    •  Try the display network, since you're actually targeting businesses or ppl looking to educate themselves, so a little demographic understanding will definitely not harm...


  • Of course your landing pages (Which we have not yet seen) are compelling and call to immediate action.
  • Based on your budget, try (carefully) broad match, to get some new ideas.


Please tell us a little more about your business and targets, and we will provide you with a rainfall of words, usually helpful Smiley Happy.

Re: Google AdWords business - Software training center needs help

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Aaron: Thank you JaybTiger. 


Our business offers training in classes like:


Computer Fundamentals

MS Office Suite


Software Engineering 

Business Analysis

Software Testing

Big Data etc


Currently we have training facilities in New York and California. We have recently started online classes where students can join a video conference with minimum technical requirements. 


We'd like more students froma cross the world to join these online classes. We have the flexibility to schedule classes in different time-zones. 


All our faculty have vast industry experience and have worked on real-world software projects etc.


I'm looking for some online publicity now. Hope that information is sufficient. Please let me know if you need anything else.