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Google AdWords Display Campaign Optimization Suggestions Needed

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Guys! Happy new year!

I have Google AdWords Display Campaigns and the client gave me specific websites to targret, So I have implemented placements targeting and made it live with good $$$ budget, It's getting good clicks and Impressions but unfortunately we can't put conversion code on the website.

So how can we measure the results and optimize these campaigns? What are the best checklist to optimize placement targeting display campaign without checking conversions in the account.

and how may I be sure that my created campaigns are performing nicely, Though I have created Search NetWork, It's performing very good as I can see search terms and keywords.

Please suggest

Google AdWords Display Campaign Optimization Suggestions Needed

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Hi Neeraj, a very Happy New Year to you as well.

What you can do in this case is track the conversions in Analytics. From the total number, subtract the ones you are getting from Search (refer to search campaigns data) and that will give you a fair idea of how your display is performing.

To optimize display campaign -

1. Make sure you have excluded the irrelevant website categories.

2. Perform a/b testing for display ads, pause the variation which isn't resonating with the audience.

3. Keep a tab on your bids (CPM/CPC)

4. If there is a CTA, see how many users are interacting with that CTA

5. Adwords has recently launched responsive ads as well, where in image size gets adjusted to the size of the device, so you should use this as well.


Hope this will help optimize your display campaign.

Google AdWords Display Campaign Optimization Suggestions Needed

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Happy New Year guys,


If you have Google Analytics to the site, you can allways connect it with adwords and import conversions from it (goals, or transactions).


If you don't, all those that @Amanbir W mentioned are correct.

An other optimization factor for your ads, targeted sites or even impressions cap can be the CTR.