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Goal Value

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Hi! I wish to find out from you, what is a goal value means?  Goal value is it means money?

When its means of goal value does it mean dollars? Does it mean the money earn? If it means money I earn, how do I go about to redeem this money?

Please explain the meaning of goal value.







Re: Goal Value

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Hi Patricia,

Goal value is actually a figure you manually give to the system. You attribute what the value of a goal is to your business. Let's say you're a t-shirt printing company. If you have a goal set for a 100 t-shirt printing quote, but users can't purchase online this goal is really a lead instead of a transaction. However, because a user is telling you how many t-shirts they want and what they want printed, this is a lead that likely has a high lead to sale rate. At this point, you could (hypothetically) attribute the gross sale value of the 100 printed t-shirts. That way, if you're doing advertising you can measure the difference between what you spent vs the 100 t-shirts ordered. Does that make sense?