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Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) age range CTR

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We are running a Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) campaign, and, despite targeting all age ranges, we realized that our Click Through Rates are much higher on older audiences, here are the result:


Age range: 55-64 - CTR: 34.78%        (32 clicks / 92 impressions)

Age range: 65 +   - CTR: 20.69%        (12 clicks / 58 impressions)

Age range: 35-44 - CTR: 14.75%        (18 clicks / 122 impressions)

Age range: 45-54 - CTR: 12.61%        (15 clicks / 119 impressions)

Age range: 25-34 - CTR:   9.25%        (16 clicks / 173 impressions)

Age range: 18-24 - CTR:   3.70%        (1 clicks / 27 impressions)



Indeed, we realized we get similar results for other campaigns to the same product .


Since this is our first time using GSP (and online campaigns in general), the questions we are having are:


A) Is it usual to have higher CTR for older audiences in Gmail Sponsored Promotions?


B) Could we consider those high CTRs as "heavy fingers" or they do suggest a genuine interest from older people to our product?


Re: Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) age range CTR

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Hey Marc,


I've been getting higher CTR% from older people as well using GSP.


I doesn't seem to be fat finger for us. It seems that older people treat e-mail usage and ads very differently from younger people.


I feel that young people already know that those are ads and tends to ignore them or "treat as spam", where older people are actually interested on seeing new things and offers for them.


We've similar results using other PPC tools as well.


Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) age range CTR

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Hey Leandro,
Thanks for sharing your experience! we will take it into consideration --maybe removing older people from our targeting.

Obrigado! :-)