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Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Optimization

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Hi All,

Glen is our next participant in the Back to Business optimization series. Let's welcome our friend Glen and his Van Insurance business. 'Insure My Van' is one of Ireland's leading providers of Van and Commercial Insurance. With the help of the Google AdWords Community, they would like to improve the performance of their AdWords account. Glen has been managing this AdWords campaign for over 1 year now.
Existing AdWords Campaign settings:
Running only on the Search Network (Desktops & tablets with full browsers)
Campaign is set to automatic bidding to maximize clicks
Currently only targeting main keyword(s) 'van insurance' with a mix of broad, exact & phrase match with variants of Ireland and Online.
Keyword Quality score is at 7-10
Average position is 2.8
Glen says: 
"1. Some times the daily budget runs out in the afternoon and ads don't run (it's not on accelerate)
2. Google AdWords & Analytics are not linked as they only have user access to Analytics. Should we create a new  Google Analytics Account and link? 
3.We are finding it hard to calculate ROI via PPC
4. We do not have Conversion tracking set up (most people call for a quote)
5. We would like suggestions on the existing campaign to increase performance and quantify our advertising efforts."
I will now leave this space open for Glen and our Community friends to discuss further. Feel free to ask questions or if you need any clarification to help him achieve his goals. 


Let's together make this a success and prove the power of this close-knit AdWords Community,

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Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Thank you Mini and the Adwords Community for giving us the opportunity to improve our Adwords campaign.

I’m Glen Quinn a new Google Adwords Qualified Individual. I work for / on behalf of Insure My Van. (IMV for short). I have been managing their Adwords Account for over one year and to date we are happy with the overall performance and results from our PPC efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to gain additional advice and direction from the Adwords Community to improve and modify our Adwords account.


Based in Dublin, Ireland.

If I take a long time to reply to your responses it may be due to different timezones Smiley Happy


Kind Regards,


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Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Hi Glen,


Please see my recommendations below.


1. Some times the daily budget runs out in the afternoon and ads don't run (it's not on accelerate)


To ensure you’re getting the most traffic for your budget, I would lower your bids on the broad match keywords and potentially have them sitting around position 4 to 6 (will have to change your bidding from automatic to manual ) and then aim for position 2.5 to 3 for your exact/phrase match keywords, this will bring down your overall cost per clicks to allow your ads to run more frequently not to mention deliver higher quality traffic. This will need to be tested for performance vs position and test it over time.


Another option is to increase your daily budget to give you more impressions and clicks. You can view your recommended daily budget by going to all online campaigns, selecting the "campaigns" tab, and under the status column, click on the small box next to "limited by budget" and the new recommended budget will appear.



2. Google AdWords & Analytics are not linked as they only have user access to Analytics. Should we create a new  Google Analytics Account and link?


If managed by a company and you're not able to get administrative access, you're best to create an additional analytics code and have a 2nd lot of analytics code running on the site, that way you don’t lose your historical analytics data.


3.We are finding it hard to calculate ROI via PPC'.

Next question covers this..


4. We do not have Conversion tracking set up (most people call for a quote)


Tracking web leads/signups


To generate the converion tracking code, select the "tools and analysis' tab, then's pretty straight forward from there. Send the html tracking code to your web team to install on the "contact us" & "Quote" - Thank you pages. Important to ensure the code is installed in the page the user sees aftering submiting their details.



Tracking Phone Enquiries


You'll need to contact a call tracking company to implement this and make sure they are able to provide keyword level tracking that way you'll know which keywords and triggering your calls.


5. We would like suggestions on the existing campaign to increase performance and quantify our advertising efforts.


You definitely want to setup a call extension to make your phone number appears in your ads on smart phones making it easy for customers to call you directly (also known as click to call). Select the “ Ad extensions” tab, under view:sitelink extensions, select “call extensions” and it’s pretty straight forward from there.


Split test ad copy - Make sure you're running multiple ad text variations in each ad group (2-3) in the aim of continually lowering your cost per acquisition (cpa)



Pull out search query reports, you'll see the actual search terms that triggered your ad and led to a click.


Then, exlude any search terms that you feel are NOT relevant to your business, but added them as negatives.



I hope this helps.

Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Hello Glen,


It looks to be a tight situation when an advertiser has an Adwords account running without Conversion Tracking and on top of it, it is not linked with Google Analytics also.


I would share my thoughts below:-


In terms of automatic bidding, you don't get the option to schedule your ads for particular time period. That's the main concern. Due to this, your budget is getting exhausted by the time you reach afternoon. You should consider manual bidding.


If you are not comfortable in switching the existing campaign from automatic to manual budding, then you can create a separate Campaign with manual bidding settings and try to maximize your reach with ad scheduling and your advertising costs. Work on your Search Terms Report and identify the relevant new keyword terms for your campaigns which can bring more relevant traffic. Similarly, working on negative terms is also very important. You should work on your search terms weekly, bi-weekly depending upon the traffic and keep on adding irrelevant terms as negative keywords so that your ad is not shown to irrelevant users.


I am not sure how is the Bounce Rate of the website (Traffic all sources as Adwords is not linked), but I would certainly encourage you to link Adwords with Analytics ASAP, in order to analyze how worth the PPC campaigns are for you when you talk about ROI. Otherwise it would be something like targeting blindly for the unknown goals. Web Analytics is must in today's digital media world.


Conversion Tracking is indeed very important. I can see that you have a strong call to action button for Get a Quote form. So, there is no fun of not measuring how Adwords users are utilizing it, whether they are filling up the form completely or not. Additionally, you have another Contact form also. So it becomes more important for you to trigger the javascript code and install it immediately on contact form thanks pages to see how worth PPC advertising is for you.


It is good that most people calls for a quote or another query. But the idea is whether you are measuring those phone calls in the sense what is the source of traffic for which you are receiving most of the phone calls. Call Extensions is the feature which can help you get at least some insights in terms of Adwords.

Additionally, if you want more granular reporting about Phone Call Tracking, you can visit the Google Analytics Apps Gallery and select the Service Provider listed here who can integrate Call data with your Analytics account. Read more here for details.



I noticed that you are running your ads only for desktops and tables with full browsers. I must tell you that you are missing a lot of relevant mobile traffic for your website. World is getting mobile. Everyone uses mobile for most of the things and these have replaced your desktops, laptops widely. You should think about building a mobile site if you haven't. Building a mobile site and creating a separate Mobile Targeting Campaign will expand your website's business and will hence increase your ROI.


Lastly, I would also mention about Google Display Network (GDN). Currently you are only opted for Search Network. But again you are missing many more online users who are spending time visiting various websites (which are under Google Display Network) and exploring their needs. You should consider focussing on Google Display Network by creating a separate campaign. A lot is happening with GDN. Many things have changed. You should use the power of Contextual targeting using Contextual targeting tool to create theme based ad groups and then focus on huge GDN. I have seen it to be much more cheaper when compared to Search Network. You can also consider shortlisting placements for your GDN campaign using Placement targeting tool.



Trust me it should be a positive impact if you work strategically to expand your advertising efforts.


I hope this helps!


Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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The other posters have hit good points.

If you review the advice we've given the other back to business people, I think you'll find some good nuggets of advice.

As far as conversion tracking goes, it's absolutely crucial to justify your PPC expense. If PPC is working well for you, you probably want to increase your budget (you can probably double your leads by turning on the spiggots., and it's probably worth it).

As mentioned by other people here call tracking is important. Mongoose Metrics is one solution mentioned here alot. We use them, and they are great. They have UK phone numbers as well.

For the mobile / call extension numbers tracked by Google, just send them to a separate phone number, and you'll be able to track it.

Alternatively, create a proportion of how many website visitors prefer to fill out a form vs. calling. Create your value per lead form, and value per call.

e.g. if you convert one out of 5 form leads and one out of 3 calls... Let's say you value a sale at £100, then a call is worth £33 and a lead form is worth £20.

Now let's say that 60% of your website visitors will call instead of filling out the form...

that means that for every form (40% of your leads) you are getting 1.5 calls (60% of your leads).

Also, we assume that the keyword more likely to generate a form lead is more likely to generate a call, then a lead by itself is worth £20, but with the extra 1.5 calls (£49.5), your PPC form lead is actually worth £69.5 in real revenue for your business.

Again, call tracking is ideal, as you can really drill down to the keyword level much more accurately.

On the mobile side, while it may take some time to get set up, it's very worth it. In the meantime, before you get that running, I still recommend that you build out new mobile specific campaigns. You can then set the mobile call extensions to force the user to call you rather than going to you (non) mobile site (for now). While Google doesn't always force the user, this will help increase the amount of calls you get.


Again,send this to a separate number. You can add a forwarding number as well, and bid per call as well (bid low).

The only display advertising I would do right now for you is remarketing. You are already burning out your budget, so you will need to argue for a budget increase, which will take a little while.

You can see more about remarketing here:


Also, you should break out your desktop and tablet campaigns separately, so you can bid on them separately and increase conversions.

Have fun Smiley Wink !!

David Jaeger

Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Hi bfresh thanks for the info.


1. OK I'll do some testing with automatci biddingh and see how we get on.


2. Thats's correct we can't get admin access to the existing GA. Intereting I never realsied that we could have 2 different GA tracking codes in the one site. (I sort this out ASAP).


4. Conversion tracking. (Slight issue with this)

1. The 'Get a Quote' is a pop up and we can add a 'thank you' url after details are submitted.

2. We don't have a thank you url after the contact us page. I'll sort this out and add conversion tracking search query reports. 


5. Done added call extension


6. We are currently using negative keywords (based on our own ideas) and from the search query report. Phrases like 'life' 'house' 'home' 'pet' that may trigger insurance related searches.




Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Hi Glen


Just a quick one. Once you have Conversion tracking in place then change your bidding option to manual. On a weekly basis increase those keywords that lead to convertions and decrease the keywords that have not been performing. As time goes on your campaign will start having the well performing keywords on the top rankings. Its pointless having a keyword with a great position, costing you a lot of money, and never leading to sales. 



Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Hi Glen,


You're a fast implementer!...and you're welcome more than happy to share my ideas. 



Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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In terms of your daily budget running out before the end of the day, I would recommend running the Impression Share report to see what proportion of impressions you are missing out on due to budget issues. More info on how to run this report can be found here. Once you have this data it will hopefully guide your decisionss about your budget allocation. 


Hope this helps!



Re: Glen's 'Van Insurance' business is looking for Community help via AdWords Community Account Opti

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Thanks for the very useful info Pankaj,


Yea I am familair with Auto bidding but for this campaign we wanted to optimise for the max amount of clicks. On your suggestion we try auto bidding and see how the campaign perfroms.


As for the Google Analytics I am currently in the middle of setting up a new Google Account (under our main Adwords Gmail account) This way we can link them beacuse previously we were not able to link due to only having user rights to the existing Google Analytics. (we could not get admin access).


The bouce rate on the site is 30.95% which I think it is healthy enough.


Conversion tracking - We need to get the web development company to create 'thank you' url pages after the 'Get A Quote' and 'Contact Us Page' There is one slight issue. If you go to the site and click 'get a quote' you will notice the url structure does not change at any step of the way therefore we need to figure out a way to add a thank you page to the final step of the quote procees. (I am currently working on this with the web dev agency). There will be no hassle with the conatct us page.


Call extensions have been added onto the ads Smiley Happy


Desktops and tables with full browsers - This was a decision I/we made and at the time we did not see the value for mobile advertising. I Google'd van insurance and organically we are top ranked so I suppose it would be a great strategy to dominate top Organic and PPC. (Also the conatct number is very prominent in the top right of the website which has a handy click to call option on iPhone)


Quick question about type's of advertising v's monthly budget. The Adwords budget is set at a fix amount each month. Do you think it would be wise to reduce existing campaign budget and put funds towards another mobile specific campaign + a GDN Campaign. We would then have 3 campaigns:

1. Search Network - 50% of budget (desktop's and tablets with full browser)

2. Mobile devices - 30% of budget

3. GDN  - 20% of budget

Would you suggest putting different weights to each campaign type?


Cheers for the link about phone tracking and other types of tracking, I will need to look into those in more detail.


Thanks a mill for your response you have been most helpful.