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Getting my Ads on the top list

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Hi Everybody.I am into exhibition stand construction business and i have been working on google ad words for some time now.The issue is that even after setting a good bid on the CTR my ads always appear on the second position during the day time.How i ensure that my ad stays on the first position.The overall experience has been good except for this issue.



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Re: Getting my Ads on the top list

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Hi makeway and welcome to the forum.  This is a common question but it doesn't have a common or simple answer.  Well, that's not quite true "all" you have to do is ensure your Ad wins the auction each time it takes place, then you'll be #1 in the list all the time.  So the real question here is how do you ensure you win the auction and (a personal soap-box of mine) do you really want to win the auction all the time?


Winning the auction means ending up with the highest Ad Rank of any advertiser.  You can read more about Ad Rank here.  Essentially, your Ad Rank is decided by your Quality Score and your Max CPC (in cost-per-click bidding).  The higher your maximum bid and the better your Quality Score the higher your Ad Rank.  There's more about Quality Scores here.


So, the short answer is to try and get your Quality Scores to 10/10 (or as high as you can possibly get them) then increase your Maximum CPC until you're normally in the #1 position.  Easy.


Now, why would I question if you'd want to do this?  The problem with wanting to always be #1 is that pretty much everyone wants the same thing.  This means that if you've any close competition in your sector you could end up in a "bidding war" where you and one or more competitor continually raise your Max. CPC values to try and stay ahead of each other.  It's a good idea to look long and hard at the conversion rate of your ad clicks and your overall return on investment.  It's possible in most cases to see an argument for being in the #2 position where CPC costs could be much lower, and clicks only a little less often.  Since the CPC could be lower, you may even end up getting more clicks per day than you would at #1 (because your budget goes further).  Not all accounts could do this and it may not be possible at all for you, but it's very much worth looking into.


Another aspect you may wish to consider is the use of Bid Adjustments under Ad Scheduling (read about this here).  Your post mentions that you only seem to drop from #1 during the day and this might indicate that a competitor is either only advertising during the day or increasing their bid during that period.


Hope some of this helps.



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Re: Getting my Ads on the top list

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Hi there makeway, 


That's a good question, and you've already got some useful thoughts from cobnut already. The only thing I would add to this is to post a link to this useful article about being above the search results, and just to highlight that the 3 main factors that really help you appear above the search results are: 


- High Relevance

- Comeptitive Bids

- Good Performance Over Time


Hope this helps!