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Getting clicks but not conversions

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I am getting Enough Clicks but not getting conversions what could be the issue my landing page is

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September 2015

Re: Getting clicks but not conversions

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Landing page optimization is a continuous process. So try to make A/B Testing with the landing page.

As I have seen the landing page and its seems that
1.) you have given too much content in every tab.
2.) It’s not a good practice to add the Price if you have SAP product.
3.) Your leads Form should be more attractive and use different color combination.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Getting clicks but not conversions

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try to help you Smiley Happy


1. you should be testing with different landing page to comapre and getting the best convertion,

2. double check your keyword, and download SQR for ensure visitor who come to your site were using relevant keyword... or maybe you can using SQR to finding new keyword and list negative term to be negative keyword to reduce irrelevant user




Re: Getting clicks but not conversions

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I get more impression with good quality score but sometime i get good quality score keyword in low search volume .I get nothing benefit from adwords (ppc) i make campaign,ad group all is good but response to all is zero as conversion of click. Give me solution .i have a tour site.

Re: Getting clicks but not conversions

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Hello Rakesh,

1. If your keyword and Ad copy are good means, it would be a problem with landing page, you need to test the A/B split testing.

2. If your keyword is in broad match it could be show for some irrelevant searches, that also cause the clicks and have no conversions..

PPC conversion is based on keyword relevant Ads and both are more relevant to landing page, then only you could get better conversion?

Manoj Kumar