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Getting click and imp but no calls

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I have campaign and I am getting a lot of clicks but no calls from customers for the conversion, Please help

Re: Getting click and imp but no calls

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if you getting clicks but no conversions then there is a few things that you can do to gain conversions.
1) Make sure that the person that made the click is landing on a relevant page. For example, if you are a sports shop and you sell tennis rackets then the advert should be about tennis rackets and the landing page should be the page where they can buy tennis rackets and not the home page or any other page.
2) If you have the person landing on the relevant page then you need to improve this page. Look at competitors pages for the keyword terms and see why they might be getting conversions and not you.
3) Make sure you have the right keywords in and also the right negative keyword in. Look at all the search terms that people have used in your adwords campaign and see if you are getting the correct people clicking on your advert.


Hope this helps