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Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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Hi All,


I am getting quality traffic but this traffic is not converting into leads. I have alnalyzed the search term report and found it's almost 100% relevant to what i am targeting through search campaign.


I am also working on landing page optimization. My landing page URL is  What are the other factors that i need to consider for getting high conversion rate?



Sandeep Saini

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Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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Hi Sandeep,


The (.) after the URL is creating a bad link.


There are certainly many things to consider one of the first things to check is your tracking. For instance, - appears to have 3 instances of Google conversion code - is that what you intended? Is it possible to 'convert' elsewhere on the site and missing out on conversions. What about call tracking?


Secondly, if this is a high-priced purchase, perhaps folks would want to do more research and a single page doesn't offer much for further information on the product. There are numerous calls to action without a clear path on next steps - should they call, should they fill out the form?


Perhaps offering a detailed whitepaper of product details behind a form may help.


Also, if the audience are English speakers, there is some language on your page that doesn't really flow too well. "So why not give a try to us?" for instance.


You want to make your users as comfortable as possible, providing them as many resources and information as possible to entice them to want to take the next step in purchasing.


You may also want to review your Analytics data to see what the behavior of these visitors looks like...are they bouncing quickly? That should give you a little insight as well.


Just some ideas off the top of my head....



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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Hi Sandeep,

The link you shared is 404ing, that could be the cause of your conversion issues. Is that the exact page you use?


Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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I realized I didn't fully answer your question - for conversion rate, you should:
- Have high quality, helpful content
- Have a site that that looks professional and easy to navigate
- Have call-to-actions that are clearly defined. It looks like your main CTA is the phone number ( based upon the page that you shared but that might just be because it 404'd?) You could try highlighting that box in different colors, or placing it in different positions on the page. As a side note, I find that many people look for a phone number in the far top right corner of the page (opposite of your logo), if calls are important to you, you might consider trying that.
- Continuously test landing pages to try to improve conversion rate.

All that said, I think your landing page looks pretty good. Like I said, you could test a few different things to improve the visibility of your CTA. If the phone call isn't your preferred action, you should consider adjusting your CTAs to ensure you are prioritizing the actions that you want your customers to take.

What are you considering a conversion? Are you tracking calls? It could be that people are calling as opposed to taking other actions, so if calls aren't tracked, it might just appear that there are no conversions when really there are.

Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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Thanks for sharing the URL, Tommy, I clicked it and didn't even look twice to see why it might be 404ing.

To build on what Tommy said, you may want to allow for some additional, selective navigation if this is a product that requires a lot of consideration prior to purchasing. Clicking the logo takes you back to the main site, which can be a little overwhelming to a new customer because then there are too many navigation options and no clear call to action.

Again, I'll reiterate that the phone seems to be a primary CTA. You may want to track some additional things (maybe in Google Analytics, not as AdWords conversions) such as PDF downloads, to see how people are engaging with your site and if they are doing research. Just a thought!

Also, I have to say, I like the look and feel of your web site more than the landing page. The landing page has small text and doesn't look as professional as your website.

Just my two cents!

Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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Hey Tommy,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

In fact on there are three instances of analytic code:

1. Conversion Code
2. Remarketing Code
3. Google Analytic Code

For Call Tracking i am currently Using Google Forwarding number & totally rely on google adword call extension report.

Avg. Time, user spending on page is 1:11 min with a bounce rate of 84.77%.

Now let me ask you one more question, is there any altenative for call extension report for call tracking?

Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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In terms of the content (vs the code issues mentioned by Tommy) this page simply is not appealing, not attractive, and most likely would not convert unless you redesign it.
On that -I agree with Amy. Redesign the page, consult with a good web-designer and content writer:  revamp the page layout and content.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Getting Relevant Traffic But No Conversion

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May you please elobrate what kind of coding errors you are talking about!

Is it conversion code related errors or somethnig related to call tracking?