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German search queries on

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I use geo-targeting to target my ads and its related keywords in the language they are wirtten in to the relevant customers. For example, I would choose German as a language and Germany as a location to target German customers. However, it happens often that Germans have their browser set to instead of Should I use German keywords, but target them as English keywords to Germany/World? Or what would be the best way to proceed knowing that a lot of people in different countries have their browser by default on, but search in their respective language?

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Re: Language Targeting + Geo Targeting

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Hello Curious; welcome to the community 

Language targeting combined with location targeting is complex and tricky.


  • Use German Keywords - since those should match the language of the search query;
  • Target Germany in Geo targeting
  • Target English, French and German in language settings.(The link below explains why I picked these languages.)


There is an article in the wiki section on language targeting that explains it all;


Please read:

AdWords Language Targeting



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Re: German search queries on

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Hello Curious,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


Your question is a good one! I am not sure whether you are aware but language preferences can be setup in which means a German user would still be shown ads targeting Germans despite being on the .com domain. 


There is some more information on this via this link.


Edit: Sorry Moshe! I'm too slow at this time Smiley Tongue

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Re: German search queries on

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Hi Curious,


In addition to great advices made above by Moshe and Scott, I would lke to add a quick note here that you should try and separate your campaigns based on the language you are targeting. This will give more exposure and help you reach the maximum audiences you want. Additionally it will be much more organized the way Google takes into consideration the fact about various muti-lingual domains of itself.


Just a thought!