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Geolocation & City Name Question

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Using the ad preview tool, my ads are not showing up for searches that use "keyword city name".   I receive the following message:  "Because your query included location terms, ads matching this location are shown:" 


However, my ad DOES show up when I use keyword and DO NOT include city name. 


My campaign targeting is setup to include the city area (without exclusions) but my keywords do not include the city name (because isn't that the purpose of the geo-targeting?).


So, my questions are as follows:


1)  Should I create a keyword with the city name?  (I have read so many "yes's" and "no's" throughout this board.  Isn't there a definitive answer?  If someone uses "keyword + cityname" and I am geo-targeting that city, my ad should show up...yes?)

2)  Any idea why my ad does not show up with searches that use "keyword city name"?  (I think I've checked every nook and cranny but you never know.)


Thanks in advance for your observations,




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Re: Geolocation & City Name Question

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Hi Richard C,

Does the campaign geo-targetting include search intent, or only people located physically in the target area?

Is your location (actual or set) within your target?

If your campaign is set to include search intent, geographic modifiers in the query that are within your target area should trigger your ad.

If the settings do not include search intent and you are located outside of the target area, your ad should not show. If you are within the target area, your ad should still show.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Geolocation & City Name Question

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Hi Richard,


I Hope you select exact location in your ad preview tool, if not add your location as it is in your target city.


See attached screen shot





Re: Geolocation & City Name Question

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Pete, thanks for the reply.

The targeting is set for "People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location".

I am currently in that area.

Re: Geolocation & City Name Question

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A quick update on this question.

I am now seeing the results that I wanted without making any changes.

So, this begs the question...are changes in an ad campaign not immediately reflected in the Ad Preview tool?