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Geo-targetting....duplicate town names

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I have an interesting delema I use geo targetting to minimize the amount of bad searches or inquires coming from people out of my service area.  So I setup a radius, if people search 'computer service' from within my radius my ad comes up or if they search 'computer services town name' my ad comes up (in radius or not).  


A major issue I have is my base of operations is Bayville, NJ however there is also a Bayville, NY.  I noticed my ad was not showing if I typed in "computer service bayville" and indeed if I use the ad diagnosis tool it says "Your ads are set to show only to users in the locations you've chosen."  searching "computer service bayville, nj" works but around here this is Bayville not a lot of people will think to add the state and I fear I'm losing out on searches I don't want to turn of geo-location  What to do?

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Re: Geo-targetting....duplicate town names

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Hi Jason

There are a few techniques to workout / solve  the issue;
The one I prefer is to geo-target the location and  without  adding  the location name in the keyword. Geo-targeting in the USA works well, and this would be a redundancy;


Ignore the message. It is shown (as you have found out yourself) when  there is more than one location with the same "town name". However, if  you get impressions and clicks you should be OK. 


Is the system reporting clicks / impressions?

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Re: Geo-targetting....duplicate town names

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Since you mention your ad is NOT showing for "computer service bayville" when you do a search. Is that a Live search, not the preview tool?

When you use the preview tool you have to make sure that that your Town is listed properly in the Location section, by default if picks your IP address listed location, which may change periodically ( at least it does for me, from several area's around my metro). In a live search make sure your Location is set to your town as well. Remember your Location is based on IP address. If your network uses different IP providers your location could be off.

Check your listings via Mobile as well, as that IP is the most accurate.

What are you Setting under you have several options in the Locations Options?

Location options (advanced)
People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location (recommended)
People in my targeted location
People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location

Which option have you chosen for both Include and Exclude?

Are you using Negative Keywords? Make sure you use NY, New York, NewYork etc to exclude those as well.

Check some of those settings and options to see if you are correctly targeting what you desire.

Good Luck