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Geo targeting/ location targeting

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I have been using AdWords for a few years now and know my around pretty well.


However, today I was putting a campaign together and started thinking about the targeting options and came to a dead end of my knowledge (or is this a flaw in the AdWords system?)


Basically, I want to target the keywords themed around "vehicle hire Brisbane" (the "" does not indicate phrase match. The campaign would be targeted to Australia and would be set to (People in, searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location) in advanced settings. 


Now the issues I am having is if someone in say California searches for one of my keywords themed around the above on would they see my ad? Now technically, they should be served my ad as that person is doing a search about my location and service. However, there is also another Brisbane in California, so would Google show my ad and any other ad (if there are any) or would it only show mine. Would they have to included the Keyword "Australia" in the search query too for my ad to trigger? Would they only serve my ads in relation to search terms that include locations that exist in Australia only and assume the Peron is searching for their counties term if they leave out Australia or Queensland?? Would they need to be on


The only mention about an ad not being served to another country is when you set the advanced setting to (People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location), so my ad should serve to people in any country as long as they are searching for my terms.


Any advice would be much appreciate

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Re: Geo targeting/ location targeting

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Hi mraron and welcome,


I'm not 100% sure about this one and I can remember running into issues in the past where there has been more than one location with the same name. I just can't remember what the outcome was, it was a while back.


Got an easy fix for you though. 


Use the ad preview tool, set your location to California, see if you ads appear.


I know it doesn't answer your question so maybe smeone else can clarify what happens in this situation.

Re: Geo targeting/ location targeting

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Hello and welcome,


In addition to what Adam said above, I would encourage you to read this informative Help Center Article, which describes somewhat the situation which you are asking. Below is the content quoted from the article, which I found interesting:


"On the Search Network, location-specific terms in customers' searches will take precedence over other factors when determining where to show your geographically-targeted ad. You can choose whether or not to target by location of interest in your advanced location options."


"Location of interest works only if the location in the search is in the same country where the searcher is physically located. If you searched for France hotel while located in the United States, you won't see ads targeted to France even though your search showed interest in France. (You could still see ads for French hotels that are targeted to the United States, though!)

However, say you're in the United States and search for France hotel on, the French domain. We'll identify your location as France because of the domain, and you'll be able to see ads targeted to France."


I hope that helps somewhere!


Re: Geo targeting/ location targeting

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In Australia you can Geo-target by city level and by state

So if you target Brisbane Queensland the system will show your ad for those looking for service in Brisbane Australia, or physically in Brisbane AU.

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Re: Geo targeting/ location targeting

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Hi mraron,


For what it's worth, I just did a search for "vehicle hire Brisbane". I'm located in Arizona. Paid results were from Australia as were most, if not all, of the organic listings.


Then I set my location to Los Angeles, CA, and disabled personaliized results and got the same set of results.


Best of Luck!




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