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Geo Targeting by radius

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I want to target my ads in a location that adwords don't recognize, and sometimes the suggested location is far from the location I want.

So, I have 2 questions:


1) If I manually select the region I want my ads to show with geo targeting by radius in this place that adwords don't recognize, does it works?

2) When I select a point and a radius, there's a list called "Locations within this target". So, is targeting this area by radius or selecting those locations in the list "Locations within this target" the same thing?



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Re: Geo Targeting by radius

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Adwords location targeting capabilities are country specific. The accuracy of targeting depends on where you run your ads.


Check the list of location targeting types by country to find the type of targeting available in your target location.



Re: Geo Targeting by radius

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And; In addition to Deepak's answer - note that Geo targeting is not perfect, because technology limitation. So, you might get a few clicks outside the targeting region.

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