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Generating traffic but not getting any conversions

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Hi all, 


I'm running a Concierge Service and started a PPC campaign about a month ago for my website 


I followed the step by step instructions on how to set up adgroups, choose keywords etc even got feedback from one of the Google help desk guys so said my structure is spot on! 


However, despite generating more than 250 clicks in the last 3 weeks (average CPC £0.7) I haven't got a SINGLE conversion (ie, someone getting in touch via the contact fomr) from the PPC acvitivty so now I'm wondering where I'm going wrong? 


Please have a look at my page and let me know what lacking or what I can do to start getting conversions. 

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Re: Generating traffic but not getting any conversions

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What page are you directing traffic to at the moment?


By the sounds of it, getting customers to contact you via a contact form if your primary objective, it's important therefor that you make this as easy as possible for any visitor to do so.


I would suggest having a contact form on each and every page.


I would create a dedicated PPC landing page. Something simple will do. Have a two column layout. In the left hand column start with a brief intro into your company, then outline your service(s) and the undearneath bullet point some USPs (I always like using green ticks instead of bullet points)


The right hand column can contain a contact form ( white background with black text) with a nice big button that says "Send" in a unique colour that doesn't appear anywhere on the site so it stands out nicely. At the moment your Send button isn't very clear at all.


If you have one dedicated PPC landing page you can easily test different layouts i.e. having the contact form on the left or right, colour of the contact button, different headlines, USPS etc.


I would recommend starting off with two landing pages, one with the contact form on the left, one with it on the right (use the same ad for each landing page so you can rule out any difference in conversaion rate due to ad copy). When you know the better performing one, then start playing with other features. Split test two at a time, start big and get more granular and over time your page will convert better and better.


If you would like some ideas for ad text, let me know.




Re: Generating traffic but not getting any conversions

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Just to add, make sure you are only targeting the search network (ads on Google itself) and not the display network.


Re: Generating traffic but not getting any conversions

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I agree with RyanHoldaway;

The landing page needs to be restructured to reflect the variety of services you provide, and "stand out " as a page that would attract users to contact you for further information.


Two points in addition to the said above:

The fonts are too small. The content is hard to read . Have a space between the lines, use bigger fonts, and bullets.


As suggested, I would start with the search network but would consider adding "topics" of luxury services on the display network at a later stage,



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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