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Gender as Negative KW

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Hi All,

A majority of the adgroups i work on are seperated by gender. For example men's jacket and women's jackets. I noticed quite of few of the search queries for the men's adgroup had the word women included, so i added a negative keyword of women. I don't really want to add men as a negative for women as it is included in the word women. Any suggestions on how to add a negative KW so the men's searches don't trigger women's?


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September 2015

Re: Gender as Negative KW

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Hey CBWY5,


If you ad "men" as a negative phrase match, it will not block "women". In fact, I would be bery surprised if "men" as broad match negative actually blocked "women". Men is not a variation of women, not a synonym, and not and extension of the stem (men).


Best of Luck!




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