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Gender Targeting

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I am curious to hear other advertisers' experiences with the new gender targeting. Is it accurate? Where is Google pulling this information from?


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Re: Gender Targeting

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Google pulls gender data mainly from G+ (and various other sources like the browser or search bar/toolbar).

So far, it's been a bit hit or miss. It's getting there though.
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Re: Gender Targeting

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Also, as per here:

How Google determines demographic information
When someone visits a website that has partnered with the Google Display Network, Google stores a number in their browsers (using a "cookie") to remember their visits. This number uniquely identifies a web browser on a specific computer, not a specific person. Browsers may be associated with a demographic category, such as gender or age range, based on the sites that were visited.
In addition, some publishers might provide us with demographic information that people share on certain websites, such as social networking sites.
Mobile app demographics (Beta): You can now also try reaching mobile app users. This targeting feature uses an anonymous identifier linked to a customer's phone to remember which apps the person has used. We might associate the anonymous identifier with a demographic category based on the apps used on the device.
Keep in mind that we aren't able to gather or infer demographic information from all people on the web or mobile apps so if you limit your targeting to certain demographic groups, your ads may reach a more limited audience.