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GSP works better without keywords - does anyone experience this...?

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I run a GSP campaign for a producer of electric equipment. By accident I noted, that a campaign where I did not add keywords (by mistake) brings cheaper conversions counted as catalogue download (there is no sale on the site). When I add keywords appropriate to the business - conversion rate goes up, but cost of conversion also goes up by approx 100% (cpc goes up more than 1000%). 

1. I am a bit puzzled on what I should be doing.

2. What does Google do when I don't include keywords...? Is it random...? Or targeting people by interest or last 1000 emails or anything else...?

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December 2016

GSP works better without keywords - does anyone experience this...?

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Hi @Kasia I

This is a generalization which would not necessarily apply for any vertical...

If you add a targeting method (e.g. Keywords), this narrows  the targeting audience to a more focused  and relevant group of users, and as a result, the CPC is higher. If you do not add any targeting method, GSP uses the "Gmail algorithm" to identify relevant users. In some verticals, this would be a relevant traffic, for others this is more of  a residual traffic...

My recommendation: have at least one more targeting method. In GSP- my preference: Keywords.


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