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GDN sites

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Hello Team,


How do I check whether I can run a  Google display ad on a particular website. I.e is that site partnered with Google GDN network?




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Re: GDN sites

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In the first instance the obvious answer would be to go to the site and look to see if it is carrying ads.

Then you can go into the Display Planner and look for placement ideas - when asked "Your customers are interested in" - put in the domain and if the site runs ads it should appear as the most relevant site - order by relevance....

Re: GDN sites

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Can you share what site is this about ?


Searching for Ads manually is difficult since only some pages from the sites can have google Ads, others can have ads from other networks or no Ads. You could also email the site to ask if they place Adsense in any of the sections. 


Searching in the Display planner for a single site can be tricky, so try the following :


1) For the filters in the left select "All" , all languages, all locations, all formats to increase the chances of seeing the placement. Then you can pick your own location and language to see if you still see it, if the published has not imposed some restrictions.


2) Then type the domain without the www. in front of it , like in the picture bellow.


3)  Then select "Individual targeting ideas" and "Placements" and "Sites" from the right, by default they are ordered by relevance. If it does not appear first , it could be that ads are in a sub-section of the site with a lower traffic


4) Some sites, even big ones, decide to hide their identity and appear under the name , so chances are they can run ads but do not appear in the Display Planner with their real URL. This doesn't mean you shouldn't try to manually add the placement, raise the bid a little and wait to see if you receive impressions.