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GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to GDN so wondering what to check here: my GDN campaigns have changed overnight drastically. 


Clicks went from being between 800-1400 for the last 15 days to just 38 clicks yesterday. 

Impressions went from around 1,000,000 for the last 15 days to around 116,000 impressions yesterday.


Average position did go from 1.5 to 2.4 so I guess a competitor is bidding against me, but does that explain why even the impressions are only 16% of what it used to be?


I did not make any changes to the campaigns in the past 7 days, and it is not being restricted on budget.


Confused as to what could have caused this? Any help/suggestions are very much appreciated!




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September 2015

Re: GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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Hi Levina,
This is a great question and actually, you did indeed answer it yourself. The key here is in the average position. Remember, on the display network, unless your ad is being shown in a standard text unit (and sometimes when it is depending on ad rank), it's usually (these days) the ad with the number 1 position that ONLY shows in the unit. This is especially true for image ads for obvious reasons.

So, if your image ad is not in position 1, it's likely that it's not being shown.

Granted, an 85% drop is pretty huge and warrants some additional investigation. What I'd do in your situation is look at your impression share across the two date ranges and see if this is indeed what's causing the problem:

You could also try increasing your adrank and/or bid as ultimately, it's the bid that determines position at the root of it all. If someone is outbidding you, well, that's how Google makes it's money Smiley Happy

Let us know how you get on.

Re: GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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Are you using automatic targeting instead of managed placements ( a selection of websites) ?


If so ,  I would look at the placements which brought you that large amount of traffic before and now are not bringing you traffic.

You could discover that previously a couple of placements gave you the majority of traffic ,( sometimes less than 10 placements bring 80% of traffic from an ad group) and currently those placements are either paused or do not bring you traffic because of a lower ad position.


In this situation you can use a new ad group with managed placements, and select other placements with large traffic , and keep the same bid to obtain again high volume traffic.


So the path of getting more traffic is either, raising the bid on the same targeting or expanding the targeting to new websites.


It happened to me too many times to run into some placements which rapidly consumed my budget with a Display CTR of over 5% , and I paused them for that reason.

 I think normal human behaviour  is to click once for every 100 impressions or more so the Display CTR should be below 1% .

Re: GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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Thank you so much! I've had a look at the Display Lost IS and it indeed went up.
I've changed the bidding and the impressions and clicks are returning now. Thanks again Smiley Happy

Re: GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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Thanks for this, I hadn't looked at that yet but will keep monitoring this more closely now Smiley Happy

Re: GDN: huge decrease in impressions, clicks, cost

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No worries. The GDN is a daunting place. You might want to add those placements as managed placements to keep a tighter reign on the control.

Also, pay attention to your CPM prices. You might be able to negotiate a better price with the website owner directly and cut out your competitor completely.

Also, pay attention to your competitors ad and landing page. Make sure you're doing yours better to avoid this in future.