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Frequency Capping - Generating Reports to Analyze Well

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Hello all,


I was trying to generate a report to help determine a good frequency cap for my remarketing campaigns. However, all the info I find is old so I was hoping someone here could help me.


I am looking to analyze the amount of impressions for my remarketing ads & its conversion rate to determine how best to set my caps for the campaigns. I have the reach metrics fields but there used to be a way to see conversions per impression. Is there a current way to see that data?






Re: Frequency Capping - Generating Reports to Analyze Well

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Oh no, did I do a bad job explaining this? There used to be a reach & frequency report under Dimensions that is referred to in most posts but this was replaced with Reach Metrics. However, I can't get the same information that I thought would help determine the right frequency cap for my remarketing campaigns.Specifically, I was hoping to see something like conversions per number of impressions per user. Could anyone help me figure out this data?