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Forecasting Question

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Hi everyone,


Wondered if people had thoughts on a forecasting issue.


If you know that 43% of the traffic coming from AdWords is from men and you want to push male products moving forward how could you forecast that?


Lets say you broke your campaigns down to one aimed at men and one aimed at women and put 80% of your spend to the male focussed campaign how would you predict the impressions you would likely achieve?


Obviously if 43% of the traffic came from men then you know that there were more impressions for female related searches so I would imagine you'd get less impressions for the male campaign than you would if you had that money targeted at women.


I'm just trying to work how the best way to predict performance would be in terms of impressions, clicks, ctr, conversions.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!

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Forecasting Question

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Hi Laura,


This is a tough one!  I think you might want to use the Display Planner.  You can find it under tools.  Use the option to "See insights and forecasts for your targeting".


Load up the keywords, topics, interests, etc, that you want to target and click the get performance forecasts button.  In the next screen you can modify your campaign exclusion to exclude a given gender and then tweak your budget and bid to forecast expected clicks, impressions, costs, etc.  Conversions will be tricky because those are not included but if you take your current conversion rates you might be able to extract some forecast data for larger traffic numbers.


Hopefully that helps!


Smiley Happy


Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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