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Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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Is anyone currently handling AdWords for a Ford Auto Dealer?

I'm trying to find out more about the 35% impressions share mandate...

What Adwords component has to have the 35% impressions share to unlock co-op money?

Total account?


Ad Group?


I cannot get a straight answer form the dealer..anyone?

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Re: Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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@Trevor_Stewart would most likely be able to add some valuable insight to your inquiry.


Kind Regards,



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Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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Thank you James!

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Re: Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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Hi @jlynch-401,


Thanks @James_Clemens for ringing me in. 


Manufacturer Co-op programs have a hard time every time the get to technical. This could mean a million things.


Let me dig a bit with Ford to see what I can come up with. I know that they are referencing the impression share of saturating their designated market. It would just make sense to assure being present for all relevant search queries available.


All of this is still pretty vague since we need to factor in a few more details, like...

Which campaigns?  Brand or conquest? Reach ?


 They should want every dealer to have a campaign coverage to a minimum of 35% of their designated local area to eliminate other brands attending cheaper auctions in Ford's neighborhood.


In a nutshell, they want you to saturate your impression share.


You have impression share lost by budget or by rank. One means your budget is not sufficient and the other means between your ads or/and your sites content structure.


Find your impression share in adding "competitive metrics" in "modify columns". Then click the first impression share. This will tell you the percentage of saturation per campaign.



Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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Thank you for checking in Trevor!

I have been getting answers like all new Ford Models or just select models.

Most of my clients are set up as campaigns for each new Ford Model.

Our PPC management platform sets it up that way. 

It's frustrating having to try to manipulate impression share by adding and removing a handful of keywords at the model level... 

Ford Auto Dealer & 35% Impressions Share Mandate

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Hey @jlynch-401,


Under each campaign look in modify columns and choose competitive metrics, then check what percentage that each campaign is saturated. This saturation would have a budget focus from your end since they provide the site and should cover the "lost by rank". Then all you should have to manipulate would be the daily budget or bid.


Once you get over 35% of daily impression share then you will be fine.


One more thing to do would be to ask your OEM to send you an example of what they want you to produce as proof to get you Co-op from them.


This will avoid confusion as per what to send.