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For PPC Campaign Budget

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I fixed my Campaign buget 200 but yesterday totel 226 rs diduct from my accout plz help to understand

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September 2015

Re: For PPC Campaign Budget

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Hello Karan,


Welcome To Adwords community!


It is a normal practice, Google can utitlize your buget "upto 20%" more then the daily campaign limit that has been set by you. I would suggest you to go to campaign settings and check recommended budget by Google. OR alernativly, you may go to opportunites tab and see if there is any budget optimization suggestion for you.


Also check under campaign settings: Delivery method is accelerated or standard.


Google Says:


It's possible that you'll be charged less or sometimes slightly more than your average daily budget amount on a given day. To help make sure that your ad can run a little more on days when it's very popular, your daily budget is used like an average: on any single day, you can receive up to 20% more in costs than your daily budget, but other days will be capped at a lower amount to make up for it. This is called overdelivery.


Read more on Daily Budget.




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