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Flexible Bidding Options

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Hi everyone,

1). Is there a way to see if a bidding option is set at keyword level, at adgroup level, or at campaign level? And also, my understanding is that a bidding option set at the most micro level (keyword) trumps the levels below the pyramid. Is this correct?


2). I have one campaign with three ad groups for which I've set up the same flexible bid strategy at AD GROUP LEVEL. When I go down to the keyword level, every single one of them says "auto: CA$0.72." Does this mean that the bid strategy is weighing all the keywords in the group to bid them at the same CPC? Would I have to set a bidding strategy at keyword level for each keyword to be optimized with its own data?


Thanks in advance for your help,



Re: Flexible Bidding Options

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1). I am not aware about that way of seeing bid amounts, but bid amounts are used like this (first to last):
1. keyword
2 . ad group
3. campaign.
So the bid for keyword overrides bids for ad group and campaign.

2). All keywords use your ad group strategy. And this i guess ---> you use maxCPC 0,72$ so there is shown your maxCPC price.
But you gonna be charged different amount. And that you gonna see when you start getting clicks and impressions.

Re: Flexible Bidding Options

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Hi Kevin,
when you select CPC bidding you need to decide if you want to use manual or automatic CPC bids. If you choose manual bidding, you'll be able to set different bids for each ad group in your campaign, or even for individual keywords. Automatic CPC bidding uses the budget that you set at the campaign level and it sets the click bids for you to try to get as many clicks as possible within that budget. Flexible bid strategies give you automated bidding with a selection of settings that you control.

1. There is no special way in which it can be seen (at least I'm not aware of it), but check your settings. You should be able to make a conclusion based on that. Also, keyword-level bids override your ad group's default bid.

2. You used automated bidding with daily budget and CPC bid limit. "Auto" means AdWords is automatically setting the bid you see in Default Max. CPC column (based on CPC bid limit) - in your case, default max. CPC is set at the ad group level. Drazen is right, ad group bids apply by default to all the keywords in that ad group. You can override it by setting specific max. CPCs for individual keywords.