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Finding what keywords are actually converting

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question 1

How do i see which ones reach a "goal" i have set up ...but i want to see it in THIS dashboard. If i cant here, then how else can i, having trouble there.

question 2

This is low, but it makes sense for me, i try not to be information....just lead into an aggressive landing page...which works for my this bad? Does google think i have a crappy site because im only at 2.85 page visits, and if so how do you increase that without detering your customer from signing up?

question 3

"An estimate of the percentage of first time visits"

Does that mean that the other percentage of visits aside from my 86.96 has clicked on my ads previously? Meaning i have paid for the same (roughly) 13% of people that have  came to me from ppc more than once via ppc? What would be the reason for them doing that? Is that competitors coming back for research?

question 4

My first time ever doing this and first week but how does that look for bounce rate so far? Does this mean they literally did not go past the first page i send them to?

I truly appreciate all of the help, thanks guys!

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Re: Finding what keywords are actually converting

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Hello Curiouss ! Welcome back to the forum


1. Your report is Google Analytics / Sources / All traffic with a "Secondary dimension" = keyword


I suppose you want to track E-commerce transactions , these are one type of goals.

You need to Select from the upper right "Advanced Segments" and then choose from the list "Visits with Transactions". Also from the title of your post, you could mean that you want to see conversions as they are defined from AdWords ( not the same with Analytics goals as they track organic attribution too ). From here you can also create a new custom segment.


Here is a picture of the selection (click to enlarge) :




Also for the future, the experts on "analytics usage" are found better here!categories/analytics/discuss-issues-related-to-your-account...



2. "just lead into an aggressive landing page...which works for my this bad?"


Could you share with us your landing page ?

Are you sure you are not violating the AdWords policies ?


"Does google think i have a crappy site because im only at 2.85 page visits,"


Well I am only a forum member who subscribed here 1 and a half month ago, but in my opinion google doesn't have an automatic rule that evaluates QS in relation with your Pages/Visit numbers. At what quality indicator are you reffering to ? 


This is some info about QS :



And this is about landing pages


Also 2.85 is an average, that can mean that from your 138 visits , 70 people actually visited a lot of pages and the other 70 bounced with 1 page / 0 second visits. If you have 3 pages per visit can be enough for a conversion to happen. I don/t think it's bad. But if your conversion requires the visit of at least 5 pages ( sign-up, delivery setup, choice of a product, closing the shopping cart, payment option setup, etc etc) , than an average of 2.85 can mean that most of your visitors did not complete the 5 stage shopping visit.


3) Yes you have 13 % returning visitors.If you run a "Display network campaign" you can stop a visitor from viewing too often your ads with "Frequency capping" but that rule would apply to all visitors.   You can also verify days between visits in google analytics, by clicking on the following Traffic sources / Advertising / Adwords / Matched search queries , and then select from "secondary dimension" Visitors / Days since last visit  : 






4. If you provide them with all the data they need to solve their problem from the first page, like your address, phone numbers, prices, they don't feel the need to search for other info in another page. So you can judge "how good your bounce rate is " by evaluating if a customer finds a solution in the first page to the problem that brought him/her there.


Yes it means they did not click a second page on your site, therefore the script cannot calculate the time difference between the 2 clicks. It can also happen when someone hits the "back" button.


I hope to have answered to at least some of your concerns.


Re: Finding what keywords are actually converting

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You're looking at the wrong report.

On the left hand side, click "Traffic Sources", in that menu, select "Advertising", in that menu, select "AdWords" then select "Campaigns" (or any other view).

Then at the top, you can select the goal view you're looking for.

2013-05-26 14_26_06-AdWords Campaigns - Google Analytics.png

Re: Finding what keywords are actually converting

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first off thank you Adrian, second time now you have given just great, great info...



visits with transactions....thats amazing, thank you...

no not a sale just a lead but its an intense form.. also we are currently using sessions on our site which causes problems, if people have cookies disabled they cant sign up, we've even been receiivng phone calls about so im sure that is hurting us big time. We just added a prompt to enable cookies or you cant register...

out of 135 people, about 31 signed up so it was approx 23% lead conversion..... again the cookies thing  i believe is hurting us, 23% is not so great... but still looks slightly profitable for us considering we have high price points.

I found one keyword that is costing us alot per click plus barely converting... so this is an excellent tool, just learned
alot ...23 clicks and 2 conversions... not worth it, i may have it set on phrase match, may not... i have a ton of work to do as far as analyzing the money i have spent.

Also, i have a 3 stage registration page to break down the length of signup btw.

3) Yes you have 13 % returning visitors.If you run a "Display network  campaign" you can stop a visitor from viewing too often your ads with  "Frequency capping"

we are not using display network, also i cant help but think its competitors .... we have no outside branding or word of mouth, all traffic is purely driven via PPC, so not sure why someone would google us twice, we are not selling a product... more of a direct response type of thing.. will look into it more...

very cool to see some keywords i get 10 visits and 6 signups then another 25 visits with 2 signups..... im wasting a ton of money and was actually happy with results....
Is it smart to just get my competitors keywords so i dont waste money trying to find them myself? Im not really a fan of this method but i can see it  does not take a genius to have a really smart, strong campaign, just a ton of money, testing with broad, phrase match and adding negative keywords over a few months time which id rather not do... does anyone use that type of software that analyzes competitors ppc words?

loving analytics and adwords, thanks guys!


also.. i just started using the bing ad center as well (sorry google, your still my #1 squeeze) but its not tracking properly.... those conversions are paid... did i miss how to set that up, id rather track with just google rather than have to set up their analytics as well... thank you.






Last question.... i see about 15 long tail clicks.... many did not perform.....


How come under visits with conversions>advanced>keyword..... many times it just shows the keyword.... but not the campaign it came from....




one keyword is "find books"
 but it is set on phrase match... so another keyword that is shows is....


how to find find books..... now if i find this does not convert... i would want to go back under --find books-- and add negative keyword --how to find books--


it seems as it gets more complex you wont even know where these phrase matches are deriving from... so when you want to add negative to certain keywords it will take alot of time to identify what campaign those are coming from.

Re: Finding what keywords are actually converting

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Hi Curiouss,

Not to bump the thread, it was the first post shown to me as I joined the forum here. To track Bing in Google Analytics without adding the Bing tracking pixel or code you need at append this to all your destination urls in the Bing Ad campaigns:


for example, your ad would look like this:

Body of ad
Body of ad{keyword}

This will also add the converting keyword to the analytical data in Google Analytics so you know where your money is going. Smiley Wink

Hope that helps and doesn't find you too late.