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Feature request Adwords columns

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Where can we add feature requests. I would like to add a custom column. For our ad copy tests we use CRI (conversions per impression), so we would like to have the option to make own calculations and add formules to a column.


For GA the feature requestcommunity is known, where is the one for Adwords?


Thanks in advance!



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September 2015

Re: Feature request Adwords columns

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1- In AdWords click the "columns" button above the statistics table then select "modify columns".

2- Click "custom" columns" and click "+columns".

3- Name the columns whatever you like and you also can add description to help other users of the account to understand what the column is for.

4- Click the "metric" button and choose the "impression" metric from the performance.

5- Finally segment your impression per conversion through selecting conversion from the segment box.

If that what you are not after, please let us know and it would be better if you explain in other words.