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Extended headline not working

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I've set up most of my ads to run with extended headlines.


However, even when my ad is in top position and there is a period (.) at the end of Desc. Line 1 only the headline is appearing, followed by my sites domain name.


I think this is hampering my CTRs as we are an affiliate site.


It doesn't happen every time the ad is served. A lot of the time the extended headline feature works as normal.


Has anyone else seen this before? Or know of a way to make the extended headline work 100% of the time?



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September 2015

Re: Extended headline not working

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Unfortunately It will not work 100% of the time and depends on other advertisers and the individual search terms.

Google say this…
While only some ads will be shown with the longer headline, you can increase your chances by ensuring that
each line of your ad appears to be a distinct sentence and ends in the proper punctuation (e.g., a period or a question mark).
Since this is a global change, punctuation will vary by country.