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Experment with bids failed

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Hi all. (sorry in advance for my English)

My business is kind of seasonal, in March - September busy season, and October - February is slow.

My complain was doing fine with the bid of 0.76. Mid October sales went down dramatically. And I decided that if I will get more clicks from my complain it might help my business to be in good shape. I don’t track conversation with google, but my research showed me that I got 1 sale from 15-20 clicks. I calculated that my max bid should not more than 2.50. I had a bid od 1.04 for couple days than 1.36 than 1.63 than 1.86. in 2 weeks I ended up with 2.63 In held it like that for a week. Of course my CTR got up a lot and I spend a lot in this 3 weeks. But my sales didn’t went up as expected. So I decided to go back as it was before to 0.76 bid. And here comes SURPRICE. Google is not showing my ads for that bid anymore it want me to put at least 1.20 - 1.50 bid. 


Did anybody experienced something like that?

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November 2015

Re: Experment with bids failed

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Hi @Union V;

The most likely reason is that  during the time you raised the bid and had no CTR, your "expected CTR"  fell and hence your QS was lower. The result is a higher bid,

Remember that QS is calculated  every time a keyword  participates in an auction.

Work on  your CTR. (The usual techniques: match types, negative keywords,  appealing ad-copy...)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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