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Experiment Only Keywords

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Hi there,


I am trying to set up the Adwords Campaigns Experiment (ACE) for my account. I got the gist of it but still don't understand what "experiment only keywords" means. Would those keywords actually trigger my ads and would I be charged for it? If so, why would I want to use it as opposed to just adding those keywords and seeing how they are performing?


Thank you in advance.


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Re: Experiment Only Keywords

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Hello AllenLee; welcome;


The reason you want to set these keywords separately is statistical: :

The goal of the experiment is to test if the performances of these keywords (e.g impressions, clicks) are statistically significant better or worse, compared with the current. That can be done only by using statistical tools, that require to set the keywords in a separate "group", and compare their results to a control group.. (The current group of keywords.)


And yes; you will be charged for those clicks;



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