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Expanded Text Ads (ETA) - What you say?

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Hello Experts,


I hope you all are doing good.

I recently started ETA on my adwords account. Seeing that no one of my competitors are doing right now. So I have created One ETA in every ad group I have Along with previous ads. But the thing is I am not getting any conversion or good clicks on ETA. 


What do you recommend here:

Should I pause other ads to check ETA performance?

Should I keep 2 - 3 standard ads with ETA in every ad group?

Or it is better to wait for sometime and then decide since its only 2 days.


Also let me know how you guys doing with ETA, any success?




Re: Expanded Text Ads (ETA) - What you say?

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Hi Mansoor,
I have also started ETA 3 days back and I'm getting conversion from most of the ad groups. To check ETA performance you can rotate ad indefinitely with standard and ETA ad copy.


Re: Expanded Text Ads (ETA) - What you say?

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I think you should keep only ETA Ads in every ad group and match the performance (before vs later). CTR will be always high for ETA Ads. If you want you can keep some old standard ads as well to just see the difference in performance and then slowly start using only ETA Ads. You will definitely see more engagement & so more conversions through ETA Ads as compared to standard once.

Benefit of using ETA Ads for now is, few advertisers are only using it, so this is a great chance to stand out your ad on google search. Once it will be rolled out for all advertisers then performance will be same for all.

Re: Expanded Text Ads (ETA) - What you say?

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Hi Mansoor,


Not the person with Expert Badge but I can still answer the question with my own experience with Expanded Text Ads(ETA).


I have used the ETA in my campaigns along with older standard text Ads. I started getting good impressions in ETA in some time even while my ad-rotation setting is optimise for conversions. And after a week or so, most of the impression in the account were being contributed by ETA, because of the better performance in comparison with the older standard text Ads.


If you are not getting enough impression in your ETA even after significant time, I would suggest you to do the following things:


1. If you are using too many ads in your campaign, It can be difficult for Adwords to give the enough impression in the New Expanded Text Ads if you are optimizing for clicks or rotation.I would suggest you to pause some of the ads if there are so many of them.


2. You can switch the ad-rotation setting to Rotate evenly (assuming you are not using it currently) so that the new ads also get the impressions.


3. You can also run the campaign experiments in Adwords to see how the ETA performs in comparison with older standard text Ads.


Following are the required links:




Adwords Campaign Experiment:


Please let me know if any further help is required.