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Excluding keywords on ad group level - is there an easier way?

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Hi All,


I want to exclude keywords that are getting into mini auctions within my accounts. For example I have one ad group that targets: "winter jackets" and the other ad group that targets "black winter jackets". What I want is to add a negative keyword "black" to my ad group with "winter jackets", so that, because of various circumstances (higher max bid and better QS) "winter jackets" won't appear for search query "black winter jackets" and instead "black winter jackets" will be shown to the person.


I know that I can do it manually, ad group by ad group, keyword by keyword and exclude them that way, however I have 1000s of keywords and I was wondering if there is a tool or does anyone know of a way to speed up that processes? 


I'll be very eager (and extremely grateful) to hear any tips or trick that the pros of this community might used or come up with to simplify this monotonous process.



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Re: Excluding keywords on ad group level - is there an easier way?

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Hi Nata,

Have you tried using AdWords Editor to make these types of changes? I find that having this piece of software makes it easy to duplicate campaigns, keywords, ads and add many variations 10X as fast as the browser version. Check out the download link below: