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Exact match close variation question

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I bid on exact match terms [boats] [sail boats] and [Beneteau sail boats] on the search network. My Adwords conversion tracking was telling me that only [Beneteau sail boats] was driving revenue, so I paused [boats] and [sail boats].


After this I noticed that [Beneteau sail boats] revenue had dropped a lot even though the ad was still showing in the same spot. I reactivated [boats] and [sail boats] and I started seeing around the same revenue on [Beneteau sail boats] again! 


Can anyone shed some light on why these 2 keywords are increasing my sales without converting? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Exact match close variation question

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I think you should give a look to search funnel reports and I am sure that you will understand how this happens Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Exact match close variation question

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Good morning.


Admed Ali's advice is good and if you're running Google Analytics on your website, you should be able to get a lot of good information around how visitors arrive at your website.


To answer your question more specifically, there are keywords in every market that function as "helper" keywords. While rarely or never producing direct conversions, they are an important part of how customers research and evaluate making a purchase.  


Think of a funnel with the small end down. The open top is where all possible customers enter the process--where they start the journey to making a purchase. They often get into the funnel by researching with these "helper" keywords. As potential customers move down, toward the purchase point, the funnel narrows, which illustrates potential customers deciding not to follow through with a purchase at that time, for one reason or another. Eventually you get to the "tip" and the potential customers remaining int he funnel at that point become actual customers. 


The reason this imagery is important to understand is because if you don't get people into your funnel, then they never start the journey toward making a purchase from you.  If they want to buy, they'll be in someone's funnel, just not yours.  


These "helper" keywords are often the single most important factor for getting customers into your funnel, instead of into the competition's. I think you're lucky that you've discovered some important helper keywords early in your advertising efforts. Remember what they are!


And, yes, it does mean paying for clicks that don't directly convert. You'll have to include the cost of these keywords when you're calculating your overall ROI.


Hope that's not more confusing than it is helpful....


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Re: Exact match close variation question

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thank you for the help!