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Estimated Total Conversions column questions

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I have seen this interesting new addition to the Campaign level data : link


Questions :


1) I noticed the line "Cross-device and cross-browser conversions are estimated using aggregate data from people signed into Google. " . Does this mean this includes no data from logged off visitors ? Not all people with mobiles and tablets have android to log them in by default.


2) About this line "

  • Record at least 50 daily conversions in your account each day, to have a high chance of seeing estimated conversions from estimated cross-device conversions."

What happens with accounts with less than 50 daily conversions , do they see any data in the "Estimated total conversions column" ?


3) The most important question : How would you actually use this data to take action and make improvements ?


4) What does this mean "We don’t currently track cross-device or cross-browser conversions for AdSense for Search," . Does it mean that RLSA campaigns will not see estimated total conversions ?



Re: Estimated Total Conversions column questions

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Hi Adrian, good questions. I'll answer only the third one, maybe someone with more knowledge will help on rest also.

3) How would you actually use this data to take action and make improvements ?

I would use this data to get a rough estimate about conversions I don't take into account when calculating ROI. Right now I am sure I get some bonus conversions which are not actually counted because of "cross device" or "cross browser" issues. But I have no idea about how many and can't really quantify them in any way.

Some clear numbers would help me to increase the maximum cost per lead I can afford. Like for example in the picture from the link you posted, if I see +10% cross browser conversions I know exactly how much more I earn. Then I could increase max CPA with +10%, or even more.

Re: Estimated Total Conversions column questions

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Thanks man.

I wonder if the new strategy "target return on Ad spend" will also take into consideration these estimates to push some cheap tablet clicks that lead later to conversions on another device. What looks like marketing science fiction today it could be reality next year Smiley Happy