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Enhanced CPC or Target CPA is better?

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I am using Conversion Optimizer for few campaigns but if I am not getting the desired result, is it advisable for me to use Enhanced CPC to optimize for Conversions?


I have set up Conversion Tracking on my website.


Let me know so that I can make changes accordingly.





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Re: Enhanced CPC or Target CPA is better?

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Using eCPC or CPA bidding are both different terminologies. It's not that one is a better choice over other option.


If by using Conversion Optimizer, you didn't get the expected results, first you should analyse the data and see if there is anything you could be making changes be in terms of target CPA which you have fixed or other optimization methods etc...You can also compare those campaigns by looking at the stats when you were not running CPA based method to now when you started running them.


Here are some of the tips highlighted which you can use to make Conversion Optimizer works for you:


Enhanced CPC is also a good option to go for.Following this methodology might increase your bid by upto 30% of what you are actually bidding and similarly can lower down the bids as well when the ad auctions are not as relevant as expected. Read more about this here:



Re: Enhanced CPC or Target CPA is better?

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Hi Sheema,

Good question, and unfortunately the answer, as with most good wuestions in adwords is: It depends!

CPA bidding has more control over your account, takes a lot of the micromanaging out of the equation for you. The more data you have the better it can perform. It is, however, susceptible to things like seasonality. It is also not a fire and forget bidding method, you do still need to check up on it from time to time, and avoid just adding new Keywords left right and centre as these will have little to no data for adwrods to work with.

ECPC, on the other hand adjusts your bid by up to 30% in competitive auctions. ECPC gives you more control over the campaign.

So the fundamental difference is that ECPC works of of your CPC which you are able to control. Conversion optimiser works off of a target or max CPA that you set, allowing it free reign with your CPC.

Personally I use conversion optimiser more often than not, as the micro managing can consume a lot of time. But if you have the time nothing is stopping you from testing out ECPC and seeing if that works out better for you.

Learn about ECPC here:

Learn about Conversion optimiser here:

Hope this helps