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Editor 10.6 is not working ........ Editor 11 cannot download with XP

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Editor 10.6 is not working anymore.

Editor 11 cannot download with XP

I have tried Editor 11 in my friend computer and really is not working well, no comfortable to use.

I prefer 100 times version 10.6

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September 2015

Re: Editor 10.6 is not working ........ Editor 11 cannot download with

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Hello Alberto,

they will never come back to 10.6, because many new changes have been implemented to new Adwords Editor 11 and the old editor do not support them.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, so also many applications are no longer made to work on this system.

Adwords editor 11 is completely different, this does not mean it is bad. You just have to work a lot in it and get used to it. I had similar feelings about 10.6, but after you create a lot of campaigns/ad groups/ads/keywords etc. you will find your ways to be fast and efficient.