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EFrontier / Wordwatch - How do they get such detailed information?

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Both and claim they perform keyword bidding optimization based on daily performance. It is said that they optimize based on information of the last few hours and several times a day. How do they get that hourly information?



thanks in advance!


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September 2015

Hi Tato,   Please learn that we typically can't comment o...

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Hi Tato,


Please learn that we typically can't comment on specific 3rd party service providers.


What I can tell you in general is that you're advised to be very cautious with selecting any of them. Claims can occasionally be very different from facts.


There have been many attempts on the market to create a successful keyword bidding tool, however, I don't know of any that was proved really useful. A client spent more than $100k on cooperation with one of them without results that could have justified initial hopes. It wasn't a total loss, of course, but CPA increased quite a bit and the only gain was a modest increase in the number of conversions and in Impression Share. Finally we decided to discontinue the cooperation.


Google itself has made tremendous scientific efforts to offer free automation tools to advertisers which failed to convince a significant number of AdWords users even though there are always quite a few who make a try. Please also factor in that Google has unlimited access to all their historical data which are stored on their own servers ... Smiley Happy 


Take care,


Re: EFrontier / Wordwatch - How do they get such detailed information?

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Hi Tato-C7,


It's very easy to see hourly information related to bids in your account. Just do the following:


1) Click on an active campaign and look at the AdGoups tab.

2) Select the Segment menu in the toolbar just below the Ad groups tab. It's positoned to the right side of the "All enabled adgroups" dropdown.

3) Clck on Time then on Hour of the Day.


Now you can see the evolution of the price hour by hour, for each Ad group.


Good luck!