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Dynamic search ads targets

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Hello Everybody,


Our site is:


I've added a dynamic search campaign with two adgroups in it.

  1. ad targeted with "all pages" - This runs well
  2. ad targeted with URL selection: For this I entered "313260", which is the category id for hand tools ("kéziszerszámok" on the site).
    1. if you go deeper in this category, you can see, that the url contains 313260, plus 2 more numbers, like 31326001

But, for some case, this ad is not working.


What is strange, if i go to Google, and type " inurl:313260", it has only 3 pages in the list, but the sub-pages are also indexed.


Can somebody tell me, what is wrong?

Thank You,


Re: Dynamic search ads targets

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Hello @Wurth_M,

First it is a good practice to exclude specific DSA (Dynamic search ad) auto targets i.e. the auto target "pages containing 313260" should be excluded from your "all pages" ad group.

Second, your ads may not be showing because there are very few pages being targeted with this auto target. It may also be that you are targeting a very niche option, which Google does not find relevant for a lot of searches. The more targeted and granular your settings for auto targets are, the less likely they are to be triggered by a user's search query.

I would recommend starting an all pages targeting scheme or use the categorical targeting option in which Google pre-determines categories from your website and use that to manage your auto target bids.

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions.


Dynamic search ads targets

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Hello Nick C,


Thank You for your answer.

What is strange, that the XML, what i uploaded to Search Console, contains 2584 pages, which has '313260' in it.


Targeting on all pages is running for a week now, it has no problems.

What do you think, targeting with TITLE tag can be more effective?