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Dynamic landing page which changes as per the Search Query

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Please confirm Dynamic landing page which changes as per the Search Query.

is it possible that our landing page changes as per the search query which makes page relevant to user.


Page title, page content changed as per the search query.


Is it possible?


Kindly confirm and if possible please share its process.




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Re: Dynamic landing page which changes as per the Search Query

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It's not possible exactly as you have it, but you have some options.

It won't work because the data you could pass from the URL is lost on the referral from google. So you could dynamically target those sent by google, but that's about it. (I'm not a mega expert, but I'm pretty sure that's right)

An option you do have though is create pages with very specific content, and run tight ad groups with specific keywords (you should probably be doing this anyway) and then you send searchers to very specific pages tailored to their needs.

It's not "dynamic" and results in a little extra work, but the results should be worth it.


Re: Dynamic landing page which changes as per the Search Query

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Hi Addy,


First, I'll assume you are talking about AdWords landing pages, since this is an AdWords forum.


You can't do this reliably based on the search query. If the user is searching in secure mode, the search query is not included in the referrer data. But you can do it based on the the keyword, but you'll need to use manual tagging for that.


Let's say your landing page is . You want to capture the keyword when the visitor first land on your site from AdWords. And you don't want the keyword "double reported' in Analytics both under AdWords and under Traffic Sources/Campaigns. Leave auto-taggin enabled for proper linking of your Analytics and AdWords accounts. For the destination URL enter someting linke this:{keyword}


The keyword that triggered your ad will be inserted as the keyword value. Grab that keyword to use in your dynamic page.


But I think static, targetted landing pages will work out better for you. You can have different landing pages at the keyword level. You'll probably need to add the destination URL column to the keywords tab. Once you have done that, you can enter specific landing pages for each keyword in a campaign. Campaigns can get very complicated over time. Each time you add a new keyword to your account, you'll need to make sure your server-side program knows what to do with that keyword.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Dynamic landing page which changes as per the Search Query

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Thanks Everyone for reply,

What we expect is if some one searches for mobile phones then he get landing page related to mobile phone & if user searches for smart phones then landing page he lands is content rich in smart phones. now instead to creating seprate landing pages for smart phones and mobile phones cane have one dyanmic landing page throgh which  it changes as per the users requirement.