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Dynamic Titles in Google Shopping

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I am managing a few Shopping campaigns for car-related products that have a low CTR in relation to competition. While there could be different reasons for this, when I do a search to find my shopping ad, I see that the ads of competitors have more relevant titles which include, when it is in the search query, the brand of the article and the car it is for.


Therefore I wonder about the possibility of creating dynamic titles for shopping ads that includes this elements, if they are in the search query: Is this possible? Which ways could I do this?


Thank you!

Dynamic Titles in Google Shopping

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Hi @Arturo P


Yes, it is certainly possible to dynamically change the headline text of the ads based on the user's search query.


It's called 'Dynamic Keyword Insertion' (DKI), or just plain 'Keyword Insertion'.


From Google:
"To use this feature in your ads, you insert a special piece of code into your ad text.


Let's say that you're running a campaign to advertise your sweet shop and you have an ad group that promotes your chocolate sweet products. The snippet of code that you'll insert in your Display URL might look like the following: {KeyWord:Chocolate}.


Doing this means that when a keyword can't be inserted in your ad, we'll insert Chocolate instead.


Then, when a customer uses one of your keywords in their search, AdWords automatically replaces the code with the keyword that triggered your ad.
This feature allows you to have one ad that appears differently to customers depending on their search terms, making your ads appear more relevant and useful."


Keyword insertion is an advanced feature of Adwords, so be careful and follow the instructions.


For example, it's important to include fallback text and target relevant keywords.


It's also critical that you use the proper formula so the resulting headlines display correctly and don't come out with any awkward or embarrassing results.


Some other common coding mishaps are using brackets [], rather than braces {} or adding a space between KeyWord and the colon. Take care.


Read more from Google support and formatting for DKI: About Keyword Insertion


Dynamic Titles in Google Shopping

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Hi Mark,


thanks for your reply and your time. I do know about dynamic keyword insertion for search ads, but in this case, as the thread title states, I am asking about Google Shopping ads and the possibility of DKI only in this type of ads.


Thank you and have a great week!

Dynamic Titles in Google Shopping

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Apologies @Arturo P, my mistake (a bit quick to reply perhaps Smiley Happy


Yes, quite right - Shopping ads are managed differently to standard text ads.


On the question of DKI for shopping ads I did investigate a workaround using advanced custom scripts though I haven't been able to find any resources yet to verify whether this is possible.  


Hoping someone else from the community may be able to jump in here and offer further comments or suggestions.


Have a great week.