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Dynamic Sitelinks

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Dynamic Sitelinks are one of the newer Ad Extensions. We have had a few questions about them recently. Emma our Online Specialist from the AdWords team would like to give an update about how these affect our advertisers and how dynamic Sitelinks can benefit your Campaign. 

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September 2015

Re: Dynamic Sitelinks

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I spoke to a customer who was wondering why there was a Sitelink extension showing under their ad when he didn't have any set up for his campaign. This turned out to be a dynamic Sitelink!



Dynamic Sitelinks are automatically generated Sitelinks that show under ads:




They typically show when there are no sitelink extensions set up in a campaign. However, if a customer has created their own Sitelinks, these will always trump the dynamic version.


Clicks on Dynamic Sitelinks are currently not being charged, however this is expected to change. They are available in all countries/ languages and are compatible with all device!


These Sitelinks add an annotation based on the current or recent task the user is engaged in, thus they are a good way of driving user-engagement and traffic towards your site.


What if we want to chose our own?

What is an advertiser doesn't want these Dynamic Sitelinks showing under their ads?

The quickest way to resolve that would be to set up their own campaign sitelinks. However, should they not want any sitelinks, there is a way for them to opt out via this form. It can take up to a week for that to be processed.


More Information

You can find more information on dynamic Sitelinks from our AdWords Support Page.

Re: Dynamic Sitelinks

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Thanks, Emma C!