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Dynamic Sitelink Performance Tracking

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Now that Dynamic Sitelinks can be automatically inserted in our ads, does anyone have an idea as to how to track theur performance?

I know that manually created sitelinks can be tracked in the Ad Extensions tab, but I see no way to discern the performance of dynamic sitelinks.


Supposedly there is an "Annotations" button in the "Labs" tab that can help with this. But I don't see the button in my Labs tab. Smiley Sad (This is where I got the info:


I'd be greatful for any help.

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Re: Dynamic Sitelink Performance Tracking

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Juris B,


Thanks for posting! 


This one had me stumped too! I did a little bit a digging though and have found that unfortunately there are no reports available to detail what sitelinks are getting shown or clicked.  Reporting the Labs tab is available for a limited number of advertisers in a testing group at the moment - which is why you may not be able to see it in your account.  


The good news is that the Engineering team confirmed that they are working on reporting for dynamic sitelinks and will expand the coverage. However the not so good news is that they are unable to provide a time-frame for this. Keep an eye out though - in my opinion, it shouldn't be too long! 


I hope this helps! 

Re: Dynamic Sitelink Performance Tracking

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Thank you Rachel.
Hope they build the tool real soon Smiley Happy

But untill they get there, I figured if I have a list of my manually added sitelinks and in the Ad extensions tab I see the performance of all sitelinks (assuming it includes the Dynamically generated ones), I could just check for all the links in the Ad extensions tab that are not included in my list of manually added sitelinks and those, then would be the dynamically added ones.

Any idea if that could work?

Re: Dynamic Sitelink Performance Tracking

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Hi RachelM,

It looks like this has been rolled out now but still no way to track, is there an unofficial way using GA for example?