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Dynamic Remarketing ads

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If I setup a dynamic display ad based on singular products....with product is going to be shown if visitors have visited more than one..Let's say he visited product A1, then A2 then C1 and then D2 and then a category of products where E1 E2 and E3 are included. so which products are going to be shown? what is the logic?



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Re: Dynamic Remarketing ads

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Hi Adstk,

The product recommendation engine for dynamic remarketing takes into account a number of factors, including whether they put particular items in their shopping cart, value of the items, related products, what sells the best on your site, and recency of their visit. Specifics of the algorithm are not available, but it works to show the products that customer is likeliest to purchase.

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Re: Dynamic Remarketing ads

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I agree with CassieH,

There is not any specific algo. All these depends on your custom tagging. What rules are you created for particular visitors. Your products will be displayed to particular visitors if rules match.

Please refer this link for rules;

Hope I helped you.