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Dynamic Remarketing Ad Format

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Seasonal Greetings Everyone!!


I am running  some Dynamic remarketing ads, with moderate success, and i am about to start testing ad formats. Initially i went for two products been displayed in the ad, but i am going to start testing ads with 3 products and so on. I am interested to hear what people found to be the most successful ad format for them?



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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Ad Format

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This really depends on several points about how you have set up your campaigns and adgroups.

Here are lists which are created automatically for you.

General visitors : For this list you can try using 3 product banner. The pitfall is not all of these visitors would have visited 3 product pages

Product viewers: This is pretty safe bet for 3 product banner as most of these would have come via category page which will definately have more than 3 products

Shopping basket abandoners: Same as above, but products added in cart will get priority

Past buyers: Same as above

Hope this helps

Regards, Nik
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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Ad Format

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I would strongly recommend the which lets the system determine which layout is the most effective:

"Optimize the layouts, sizes and formats of my ads (Recommended)"