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Dynamic Marketing Optimisation

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Morning All,


I am running a dynamic re-marketing campaign, so far results have been promising. Ideally I want to run this through conversion optimiser, however I haven't reached the conversion threshold yet. Until i can implement this, what is the best bidding model to use, would you recommend enhanced CPC or manual bidding. 






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Re: Dynamic Marketing Optimisation

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Just to add, i have used enhanced cpc before with traditional search campaigns, but with so little conversion data i am concerned using this on Dynamic Re-marketing will just result in volume droping off.

Re: Dynamic Marketing Optimisation

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When you are using Dynamic Remarketing you are only showing your Ad to people who have visited your site prior, based on the cookies set. When you make your lists you can set up several criteria of options of which pages or actions must have been completed, page viewed, or just visited page XYZ.

You can also use the frequency capping to insure no more then X amount of impression will be shown to that prior user.

With that being said, and having the best set-up lists in place. These potential visitors, are already pre-screened by your list and should be consider a "valuable prospect".

As far as bidding methods you can use what ever you feel the most comfortable, eCPC, manual bidding etc, but the one thing you want to make sure is that you don't "underbid" these potential viewers. With Conversion optimized you need 15 conversions in the last 30 days.

I usually start out with a Manual Bid process to get a feel for the potential. But either enhanced CPC or manual bidding are acceptable and would work.

( I am not sure if the "conversion optimizer" will lead to a better end result then a eCPC or Manual Bid for remarketing) But it is something for you to TEST and see which works best.

Every campaign is different, every remarketing list is different, every set up in remarketing is different based on personal criteria of the website pages and conversion metrics.

For others that may be interested:
Here is more information about "conversion optimizer"


More on eCPC and Conversion Optimizer


Both ECPC and Conversion Optimizer work to get you more conversions. The key difference: ECPC works with the max CPC bid you set, never going more than 30 percent over it. Conversion Optimizer needs no max CPC, though it does require a CPA bid.

Conversion Optimizer gives you the very best chance to improve your results, but ECPC provides a level of control and comfort that some people prefer.

Both ECPC and Conversion Optimizer

  • Use conversion tracking or Google Analytics data from your account
  • Predict a conversion rate for each auction
  • Adjust your bids to help you win the most promising clicks


  • Works with all your campaign settings and max CPC bids
  • Can raise bids by up to 30 percent
  • Works with third-party bidding systems

Conversion Optimizer

  • Lets you set either a target CPA or max CPA
  • Has full freedom to set your CPC bid for each auction
  • May not work with some API-based bid management solutions

Re: Dynamic Marketing Optimisation

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note that the conversion-optimizer is generally incompatible with
and cannot be used with product-listing-ads (shopping-campaigns).