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Dynamic Headline Ad Relevance

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Hi All,


I'm trying to improve my quality scores by making my ads more relevant to my keywords and landing pages. I have numerous ad descriptions that usually contain the main keyword in an ad group. But the way I really want my ads to stand out is by using dynamic keyword insertion in my headline.


My question is quite simple: Will dynamic keyword insertion help to make my ad creative more relevant to my keywords, thereby increasing my quality score?


I think it will, but I just wanted to make sure that this is a valid tactic to achieve higher quality scores.


Thank you in advance,



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Re: Dynamic Headline Ad Relevance

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DKI is certainly a good option to show as much relevant ad copy to the user as possible. However, you need to ensure that while doing this, the policies ( are adhered, otherwise you ad might get disapproved.


I would also say that getting the right set of results by doing different experimentation in terms of keyword matching, ad copy testing, landing page variations etc....should be the aim of an advertiser. It's all about relevancy and either way you achieve it, that's what really makes the difference.


My Thoughts!


Re: Dynamic Headline Ad Relevance

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Hi Reinout,


DKI can help, but it's not the complete solution.  Poor Ad relevancy is often caused by having too many Keywords within a Group and those Keywords being too loosely themed.  I often use just a single Keyword in a Group and in that case DKI is unnecessary.


To be honest, I think there's a valid argument to suggest that if you need to use DKI to change your Ad creative copy, that in itself suggests the Keywords are not tight enough.


Bear in mind that DKI is not guaranteed to trigger for every impression so if your Keywords are not tightly themed, your Ads could be showing a less than relevant copy from time to time.



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