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Duplicate pages in relation to adwords

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I'll try to keep this breif...


I run a plumbing/hvac service company that currently covers about 8 counties in VA, all job site work.


I have structured my webiste (what I have up so far) as a main Home Page, with all contact info, with multiple pages below it which are basically identicle except focused on the area, home page-Culpeper page-Gainsville page, etc.  And I have set up Adwords Campains, and Google Local in the same maner, one for each area.


The reason for this is in my line of work customers are more looking for phone numbers in their local area than researching websites, so Google/bing local ranking, and adwords are the main platform, the website is really just for boosting these.

Now, I understand the duplicate pages effect the organic results, which is not as important as the adwords/local results for my situation.


My question is, is this a common practice? will Google beat me with a noodle for it?  Should I use Canonicle tags in the sub pages pointing to the home page?  But if I do that will it hurt Places and Adword scores considering each campain/listing is pointing to it's corrisponding web page.  I look forward to some advise!


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Duplicate pages in relation to adwords

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That's a VERY good question and I'm glad you asked it. It confuses a lot of people.

First of all, whether Google will "beat you with a noodle for it" (LOL), no. Google will not. In fact, it's common practice to make many location specific landing pages for PPC. The nasty "doorway pages" that will get you in trouble with Matt Cutts are actually a good thing with PPC as long as they're relevant. The trouble is keeping them separate.

In your case, the canonical thing would work perfectly. AdWords will not penalize you for that. However, you might want to check on the WMT forum if your implementation is correct so that you wont suffer any negative consequences in organic search.

As for PPC, your approach is sound.

Re: Duplicate pages in relation to adwords

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Thanks for the reply...couple points of clarification though...

1) Not sure what the "WMT" forum is (remember, I'm just a old, broke down plumber learning by fire)

2) implementation of what is correct? (see above)

Re: Duplicate pages in relation to adwords

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Or, would a sitemap do the same thing? Or should both be used
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Re: Duplicate pages in relation to adwords

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Hi David.
1) The WMT forum is the Webmaster Tools/Webmaster/SEO forum. It can be found here -!forum/webmasters

2) I meant that the strategy you mentioned is a good one. Use semi-duplicate pages for PPC and make sure they are all canonical to the original page.

Some may suggest that you robots.txt block the duplicate pages, this is fine too as long as you ALLOW the AdWords bot. You can ask them how to do that there too.

A sitemap will do nothing for your situation except make it worse for SEO.