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Duplicate Keword Campaign Performance

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While  Using adwords  editor  for  duplicate  keywords Tools->Find Duplicate Keywords->Any Word Order(buy shoes=shoes buy)  Instead  of  Strict word Order

I have  Campaign with adgroup with   more  related  keywords  of it best option to  remove those related  keywords  which are  plurals  and  closely related  terms as  duplicate.

So,is it  best option  to  remove those  duplicates for  better  performance  of  campaign.this campaign  having   low  impressions and low  clicks  but high conversions yet.

Please  help me to improve my campaign  further.

Thanking  You

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September 2015

Re: Duplicate Keword Campaign Performance

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Hi Harish, referring to your other posts, it seems you've really very little performance data to be working with as yet.


How long has your Campaign(s) been running?  How many clicks have you had in total in that time?


It's always a good idea to start with a small number of very tightly focused Keywords that related to a product or service you know has a good potential to sell.  You need to allow time to gather data from these initial experiments then refine your Keyword list(s) and make changes to your Ads and website to improve that performance.


If I'm reading your other posts correctly you really haven't given your Campaign(s) a chance yet.



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Re: Duplicate Keword Campaign Performance

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I would like to whether it's  best  practice to add  keywords in one  ad group  like  baby  toy,toy baby,  toys of  baby  2013,
babies toy,new baby toy .

Because,adwords editor  pointing it as  duplicate while it's  enabled in tools--> any word order.

if these are  duplicate  need to remove this one which is best option to keyword match type.

Thanking You